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Mikvah of Mill Basin


A Haven of Holiness & Purity


Throughout Jewish history, the Mikvah

has been the foundation of Jewish

family life. Now, Mill Basin will have a

beautiful new Mikvah. It is a haven of

holiness for the community.


The word "Mikvah" means gathering

of water. Built according to exact rules of dimension and acceptable

source of natural water, a Mikvah is a small pool, usually about four feet deep, filled with clean, clear water.


On Masada and in ancient Jerusalem you will find Mikvahs uncovered after thousands of years. They testify to the historic continuum of the tradition of Mikvah.


Today, most Jewish communities boast a Mikvah that is modern and bright with beautifully appointed preparation and dressing rooms and a Mikvah pool that is heated and scrupulously clean.


In Hebrew, natural spring water is called "living water". With its clear waters, the Mikvah is a powerful symbol of life and rebirth. Throughout our history, the ritual of Mikvah immersion has been a means of spiritual purification, helping us prepare for events of great spiritual significance. In ancient times, the high priest of the Temple in Jerusalem immersed himself in the Mikvah five separate times during the services for Yom Kippur, each time reaching a higher spiritual level.

In our time, the Mikvah is mainly used as a vital part of the Laws of Family Purity. As it has always been the role of a Jewish wife to set the spiritual tone of her home, it is the Jewish wife who ensures the spiritual dimension of the intimate marriage relationship.


Our new Mikvah will be located at:

2251 Mill Ave, Mill Basin

Rabbinical Board

Rabbi David Bitton
Rabbi Yair Fine
Rabbi Yehudah Friedman
Rabbi Avraham Holtzberg
Rabbi Yitzhak Israeli
Rabbi Yirmi Levy
Rabbi Yisroel Perelson
Rabbi Pinchas Rappaport
Rabbi Ronen Shaharabany
Rabbi Avraham Shainberge




Ariel Levy



Ronen Fuksbrumer
Vice President 


Bob Sendzischew
Nachman Shafar


Rabbi Baruch Cywiak

Dan Pando

Aryeh Simkin

Shabi Simon


Robert Izsak




Agnes Shemi


Natalie Arje
Erica Fox
Sylvia Fuksbrumer
Edit Green
Susan Izsak
Flora Lax
Dawn Levy
Sarit Pando
Raizy Shafar
Rivky Simkin

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